So on Tuesday 8th of January 2012 I got excited by the nice and sunny weather and decided to cycle down to Battersea to see the power station, obviously I got some nice views along the way and decided to get pictures on the way too leaving me a 4-hours cycle trip down to Battersea from Camden and back, it was great. Got this picture down at Hampstead Road with Euston Tower, BT Tower and a well good London cliché doubledecker 134 on it, loving this one!

down hampstead road


Euston Tower! I can see this beauty from my window (just had a look behind me actually 😉 ) and flats down Hampstead Road. This picture is taken on the big bridge over the railway tracks leading from/to Euston, I think it’s an awesome place because you can view the top of the Shard and quite far into London from there – something you cannot often say unless you’re on top of Primrose Hill or Hampstead Heath. I also like the row of traffic cones as a little perspective detail!


Warehouse in Camden and a new one under construction next to it. I don’t know why I liked this picture. Probably because of the perspective in it and the old/new contrast.


Fancy Regent’s Park house Greekish-style with same sort of apartment block behind it, new Euston developments and Euston Tower in some sort of layer effect which I quite like.


Houses of Parliament from Piccadilly Circus and a cab/bus/van looking like some cavalry ready to come and attack (quite a nice resemblance with everyday worries as a cyclist to be honest, lol).


I have no idea what this building is but it is between Buckingham Palace and Big Ben and I like its architecture for some reason.

Felt like a tourist, so yeah I photographed Big Ben like an actual tourist. Blame me. Picture on the left: how many London clichés can you fit in one picture ;)? Big Ben top-right corner, doubledecker, Shell Centre, London Eye and a building that is apparently called Portcullis House. I had no idea there was some kind of park to the south of the Houses of Parliament but it was a nice place with a cool view and people relaxing on benches.




Panoramic picture, yeah! Sometimes I forget the Thames makes a bend around Waterloo and I’m like “huh the City should be there right…… oh wait”. It’s in the center of the picture if you wonder.


Some Vauxhall newish buildings, their pattern is cooler if you zoom in but my camera got the pictures blurry as it’s an old one, beuh.


Random woman walking on a bridge with the City in the background. Stupid car in the right-lower corner should not have been there.


Battersea power station! Awesome example of derelict old industrial building. I really like old worn-down industrial buildings – don’t know why actually. Maybe cause it’s a depiction changing times – things that used to be useful are not anymore, but this one’s being refurbished right now and I don’t know what to think about that: I like it as it is, with windows smashed in, looking like a mysteriously rough and dark place but it is definitely a landmark you would want to retain.


I like how there are plants growing on the left building, excuse me for being deep and philosophical but I see it as a metaphor for nature slamming the city back in the face for destroying so much of it.


And of course I had to play with perspective cause that’s what you do if you consider yourself arty.


I love the Shard and this pier had houseboats along it which I very much liked. I hope to live on a houseboat myself soon :). And the last two pictures: Battersea Power Station again and a bit of white-patterned Westminster houses.




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