I had a walk the other day around Camden, the neighbourhood I live in, and suddenly an idea came to mind: why not do photo series on London? There is so much I can write about concerning London and I know that when you leave a place, you remember only the good times you had and you have photos of landmarks that really don’t have any meaning.

That is a shame because it is much nicer to photograph details: that double-decker, that distinct colours of bricks in London, even dustbins. Or in Asia that cab you see everywhere, the rickshaws, the hostel you stayed in. Those are pictures that will make you remember the place as you experienced it: your walk to the grocery store all over again. Like you are at that place, for a short moment again.

So I decided that I would just walk around my neighbourhood, find a nice coffeeshop or whatever place to write some articles in at some point, and I got totally lost. Looking for details, I made photos of the street signs in the area.

The street signs in London are different everywhere: some are merely painted on the wall, some are rusty, new, plastic, iron, belonging to the London Borough of St. Pancras that is nonexistent anymore, have different logos of Camden (because the logo changed over time) and so forth. The result is an array of different colours and layouts, resulting in a much more intense sense of place. I am sure not a lot of people make photos of random street signs, but hey, why not? These are the kinds of details that make you realise the fact that: “hey that’s right, I am in London baby!”



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